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Eagle Organics Bio-Cast Plus Bio Cast with Myco

Eagle Organics Bio-Cast Plus Bio Cast with Myco

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Experience the power of Concentrated Strength with this 5 Lb bag, yielding 25 lbs. of the finest Organic Fertilizer/Plant Food/Soil amendment available. Enriched with premium grade worm castings, organic Bio-Char, and treated with Endo-Ecto Mycorrhizae, this product ensures faster germination, higher yields, and is safe for people, pets, wildlife, and the environment. With OMRI listed ingredients suitable for organic production, it feeds both your plants and soil throughout the entire growing cycle - no need for any additional purchase, just add water! Great for Tomatoes of all varieties!

  • Concentrated strength, 5 Lb bag makes 25 lbs. of fertilizer
  • Faster germination and higher yields
  • Odor-free and safe around people, pets, wildlife, and the environment
  • Contains Organic, Premium grade worm castings
  • Enriched with Organic, Bio-Char
  • Treated with Organic, Endo-Ecto Mycorrhizae
  • All ingredients are OMRI listed as suitable for organic production
  • Specially formulated for all varieties of Tomatoes & other vegetables.
  • Easy to use - Mix with topsoil and add water!
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Great Stuff!

Always works, every time. Great for tomatoes! Highly recommended!