All soil products are OMRI listed as approved for Organic Production, Non-GMO & Sustainable

The Best Organic Gardening Store offers its products under 2 brands; Soil Blend and Eagle Organics. All soil products are OMRI listed as approved for Organic Production, Non-GMO, Approved & Recommended by the American Vegetarian Association and Sustainable.

The Best Organic Gardening Store offers only Top Grade Earthworm Castings as well as various blends for specific growing needs. Our blends contain various OMRI listed as approved for Organic Production Organic substances such as Composted Beef Cow Manure and Alfalfa Meal along with our own Earthworm Castings.

Designed to perform in the Field, as well as the Laboratory, all of our products are unconditionaly guaranteed to perform as advertised. 

The Best Organic Gardening Store will only offer products made from the very finest organic ingredients.

Test results have shown improved flower size, bloom quantity, quality, and color.  Fruit and vegetable test results have shown yield improvements from 15% to 57% as well as improvements in taste and appearance.

Earthworm Castings are made up of millions of living biological organisms.  These organisms include fungi, actinomycetes, beneficial bacteria, pseudomonads, plant growth regulators, yeasts, molds and trace elements as well as the Macronutrients Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (N-P-K) quantities promoted by the fertilizer industry. It also contains all of the secondary nutrients such as Calcium, Magnesium and Sulfur and the micronutrients Iron, Manganese and Zinc.

Importance of Microbial Activity

Worm Castings outperform any commercial fertilizer on the market. The most important factor is microbial activity. Research has shown that microbial activity in worm castings is 10 to 20 times higher than in the soil and the organic matter that the worm ingests.

Among other organisms, microbes include bacteria, fungi and nematodes. The benefits of having a healthy microbial community in your soil are immeasurable.

First of all, active microbes and soil animals, such as earthworms, promote soil aeration and drainage as they move through the soil and create channels. This activity helps to promote the plants’ root penetration as well. Also, when microbes break down organic matter, they release essential nutrients and carbon dioxide back into the soil.

Soil microbes also help plants defend themselves against pathogens, cement soil aggregates and degrade pest control chemicals. Finally, microbes are responsible for nitrogen fixation, the capture of inert N2 gas from the air and making it available to plants.

Earthworm castings are the best imaginable potting soil for greenhouses or house plants, as well as vegetable & flower gardening and farming. It will not burn even the most delicate plants and all nutrients are water-soluble, making it an immediate plant food. The effect of earthworm castings used in any of these ways is immediately visible. They make plants grow faster, bigger and stronger. Also, there is no transplant shock when using Earthworm castings and seeds sprout in half the normal time.


Earthworm castings contain 5 times the available nitrogen, 7 times the available potash and 1 1/2 times more calcium than that found in 12" of good topsoil. Therefore, castings are supplied with available nutrients. The nutrients are water-soluble and immediately available to the plant. You will find that most potting soils have a nutrient life of 2 to 5 days, whereas Earthworm castings will last for up to 4 months. You will need 5 times as much potting soil to do the same job as worm castings. So in the long run, worm castings are much less expensive and do a much better job. Also, Earthworm castings hold 2 to 3 times their weight in water. That means you water less and the soil will stay damper for a longer period. Earthworm castings will not burn your plants; unlike using any fresh raw manure (cow, poultry, etc.) which can burn root systems if not applied properly.


How to use Eagle Organics & Soil blend Earthworm castings:

For Seed Starting

Use 25% Worm Castings with sand, peat or top soil as an excellent germination mixture. You will notice that seeds germinate and sprout in about half the normal time. It will also ensure continuous and lush growth for up to 4 months, No additional fertilizers or plant food is needed.


As a Soil Conditioner

If you hoe a layer of barren soil, add a layer of Worm Castings and give it some water, you will be surprised at the growth of your first season's plants.


As a Fertilizer

Sprinkle Worm Castings around the base of plants or lightly dig it in, and then add water. They can also be sprinkled on a large scale with a spreader. Remember: you cannot use too much Worm Castings, they cannot damage your plants or the environment.



We have known for hundreds of years that earthworms are the best way to improve plant growth and to increase plant yields. Earthworm castings are a wonder product of nature. So if you care about your soil, and your plants, then now is the time to get rid of your chemical fertilizers & plant foods and to use this 100% organic, natural product.


Improved Plant Growth: 

Extensive university plant growth research has shown improved plant size, bloom quantity, quality, and color for flowers. Fruit and vegetable tests have shown significant yield increases as well as improvements in taste and appearance. University research has shown that the optimum ratio of worm castings to native soil is 10-20 percent.  In our own growing tests, plants grown in 100% Eagle Organics or Soil blend castings seem to grow no better than those grown in the 20% range. The Best Organic Gardening Store recommends a blend of no more than 25% Eagle Organics or Soil blend mixed with existing soil or a ratio of 1:3, (1 part Eagle Organics 3 parts existing soil.) Using too much Eagle Organics at any one time can actually stunt plant growth. Researchers potted plants starting in different ratios of cast to soil, and found the plants with the optimum growth were planted in a cast:soil ratio of 1:3, or 1 part Eagle Organics , 3 parts soil.


Fungus Control: 

Four major university research projects and testing have shown that the complete soil food biology found in worm castings will quickly control fungus problems on a long term basis.  Fungus is an important part of healthy soil, but causes nitrogen lock-up and other problems when it gets out of control. Since fungus-eating protozoa and fungus-eating nematodes are found in the worm castings, using worm castings as a part of the soil mix will control fusarium, rhyzoctonia, phytophthora, and sclerotinia fungi. They also provide improved plant growth with the release of excess nitrogen as the soil fungi are brought into balance.  Within a few weeks plants suffering from fungus problems will show significant improvement that lasts. All ground fungus is quickly brought under control. Nitrogen is released in the fungus control process providing added plant growth. Some nematodes are harmful and others are beneficial. Beneficial nematodes on the other hand are fungus eaters and aid in plant health. Research by Dr. Elaine Ingham at the Soil Foodweb, Inc. lab in Corvallis, Oregon, has shown that worm castings have only the beneficial fungus-eating nematodes.


Insect Repellency:

 Testing has shown that several microorganisms found in worm castings stimulate the organisms in plants that work as repellants for a large array of insects. The repellants increase to a level where the insects find the plant nectar distasteful. The insects then leave. The effectiveness has been seen for aphids, white fly, and other bugs that feed on the plant juices. Plants tested included but are not limited to: begonias, various citrus, hibiscus, various house plants, morning glory, roses, solanum, and zylosma. The numbers of individuals who have had successful applications of castings to control insects now exceed 1,500. This research is on-going. A patent application to use castings as a base for insect repellent is in process as well as a bio-pesticide registration. A key element for insect repellency is the level of chitinase-producing organisms. Chitinase is an enzyme that will dissolve chitin. The exoskeleton of bugs is made of chitin, so obviously they don't want to hang out where their skeletons will get dissolved. Bugs have various detection mechanisms to determine the level of chitinase in plants and soil. Once the chitinase level is high enough, they will leave the area. Worm castings test with a very high level of chitinase producing organisms. Also, some elements in worm castings are able to activate the chitinase-producing organisms found inside plants. Once triggered, these organisms multiply to a level that can be detected by the insects. The repellency effectiveness has been tested and confirmed for white fly, aphids, spider mites and various other bugs. The rate of repellency is in direct relation to the size of the plant. Spider mites will leave houseplants in about 2 weeks, aphids leave roses in about 6 weeks, and white flies will leave full sized hibiscus in about 3 months.  Fire ants and common ants can detect the natural repellency organisms when they walk over worm castings. They find the worm castings highly objectionable. An immediate negative reaction can be seen by ants when worm castings are applied. The ants leave areas covered with a 1-inch layer. Red fire ants will leave their nests within 24 hours of a single application.